Rose Quartz Pendant

Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel

Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel

Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel

All items have been used according to Religious Beliefs. "Ceremonial Use" refers to ceremonies, rituals, or other practices performed by the previous owner(s) of this Object. These includes Personal, Individual, Internal practices of the Mind (such as Meditation and Intentional Thoughts), and various Rituals and Practices, often passed down through generations within Families, cultures and Religious/Spiritual Affiliations. The following is an account of the owner's Ceremonial Use of this Objeqct, their Personal Experiences in using this Object ceremonially, their personal interpretation of personal experiences based upon their individual, rightful Beliefs, and when applicable, my own personal Ceremonial uses, practices, experiences, and interpretations based on my own individual, rightful beliefs. This carefully polished high grade Rose Quartz Amulet has been lovingly used by myself in a Sacred Ceremonial Ritual of Pure White Light, bearing no forced bindings, dedicated to and in honor of the Beautiful Queen Mother Starlight Angel, Lalissi, Divine Guardian and Protector of the Children of Earth.

Pronunciation Lalissi: la - LEE - see This has been used this in many simple Ceremonial Rituals and Dedicational Acts of Honor, such as International Wear, Mediation, and Open Inclusion, all in dedication to and in honor of the Queen Mother Starlight Angel, Lalissi ADDITIONAL READING: EDUCATIONAL HISTORICAL INFORMATION Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, from the Divine Starlight of the Great Feminine Void, a Great and Loving Angel of Beauty, Strength, and Wisdom was born; the Starlight Angel, Lalissi. She was the most Compassionate, Patient, and Kind of all the Starlight Angels and was filled with Divine Feminine Energy, and thus she was Crowned the Queen Mother of all Starlight Angels by the Great Creator and bestowed with the Sacred Power of Omnipresent Love, so that her Loving Heart may touch the lives children everywhere for All of Time And so Queen Mother Starlight Angel Lalissi has lovingly watched over the precious Children of the Earth ever since, Illuminating their Minds with Ambition and Focus, Sparking the Driving embers of Learning and Exploration, Shining her Divine Starlight upon the True Path of Happiness, Self Love, and Confidence Inspiring the Elements of Harmony within the hearts of children across the world, of Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, and Faith. For millennia she has Guided Children away from bad influences, Shielded them from obscenities, darkness, and Evil, and thwarted any person or force who means harm. ______ Thank you for your interest in this wonderful piece!

Curator in Chief, Museum Guimet, Paris, 196580. Author of La Vie dans l'Inde ancienne. WHAT IS A CEREMONIAL OBJECT?

DEFINITION: Any object used in a ritual or a religious ceremony. HISTORICAL USES OF CEREMONIAL OBJECTS Ceremonial and Ritualistic objects have been used throughout history in religions, cultures, cults, and by individual practitioners for forging, maintaining or amplifying the connectivity between the Spiritual, Sacred or Supernatural Realms and the Physical World we live in. Some objects have been used in Ceremonies in which those conducting the Ceremony have meant to compel Dieties or Spirits of the Unseen Realms to act or react in a way that is favorable to the person(s) using the object, or, to the people present when the Ceremonial Object is used, or, to the people, activities, or other subject matter with which such rituals are concerned, or, to protect those involved from harm from the Spiritual Realm.

Thus, Ceremonial objects have been mediatory (Divination, Communication) devices to facilitate contact to the Unseen Spiritual Realm, and conversely, they have been used as mediatory tools for Enities to relate to humans in the Physical world. For example, the drums of shamans (religious personages with healing and psychic-transformation powers) are used to reach a deep state of meditation in which they contact, communicate, and connect with the Spiritual Realms ROLES OF CEREMONIAL OBJECTS Such objects vary as much in nature as they do in form and material. Cultures, religions and individual practitioners throughout history have used Ceremonial Objects in innumerable ways, rituals and traditions. There are, however, common roles or functions of Ceremonial Objects, based on the practitioners Intention and Belief for its use: ESSENTIALS In modern day, these are usually just referred to as Supplies, which are a staple within a religion, culture, or specific ceremony. These objects play a role in ceremonies either in practical use/function or are symbolic, or both.

Common examples found in cultures and religions the World over are Incense, Candles, and Plants (herbs, flowers). These are typically placed in designated areas wihin a room, space, or on an Altar. Other common examples are Crystals, Food, and Water or Wine.

Note, in many beliefs, cultures, religions, and individual practices, these Essenials often function as Offerings - Items Offered to a believed Diety or Entity VESSELS An object, either natural or man-made that has been used Ceremonially or Ritualistically by a person or group of persons who believe it to be a Mediatory (Divination, Communication, controlled Portal) Object through which a connection is believed to be made between the human and Spirit worlds. An example from history that still prevails in belief today would be wearing a cross or crucifix, believing that God or Jesus is with you, protecting you while wearing it Another example is of the Ancient Egyptians wearing a Scarab Beetle talisman, as it was believed to protect them and to restore the heart of the dead TALISMANS According to the Contributing Editors of Britannica, "Among believers, Talismans are thought to derive power from their connection with natural forces, from religious associations, or from being made in a ritual manner at a favourable time". According to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a Magickal Order active in the United Kingdom during the late 19th and early 20th century, a talisman is a magical figure charged with the force which it is intended to represent. " "Historically often referred to as Amulets, in modern day, the two terms are often interchanged, a Talisman is an object, either natural or man-made that has been used Ceremonially or Ritualistically by a person or group of persons who believe it to be endowed with properties or Powers of a Metaphysical nature, which is carried on the person or kept in a desired or designated place, referred to as the "sphere of influence" - KMS An example would be wearing a religious medallion of Saint Raphael (the patron saint of healing), in the belief that not that he is within it, but that it will bring you healing. A historical example would be Neanderthals keeping Venus figures, believing it would bring fertility and good harvests Language itself reflects the historical and cultural use of Talismans. The word Talisman was borrowed from the romance languages of French,ish, and Italian; all three include similar-looking words (French talisman,ish talismán, Italian talismano). Those three terms derive from a single Arabic word for a charm, tilsam. Tilsam in turn can be traced to Middle Greek telesma, to ancient Greek verb telein, which means to initiate into the mysteries. These Ceremonial Objects persist even today in industrial societies, in which they are mass-produced by the most modern methods. The purpose of most amulets is not so much religious as it is for protection against danger, sickness, and bad luck e. The mystical eye of the ancient Egyptians or the Hand of Fatima of Muslims. COMPOSITIONAL ELEMENTS Historically, Ceremonial Objects were often made from natural elements, like metals, stone, crystal, jewels and gems, sometimes bone, or horn.

Often, the materials used in the creation of the object were of symbolic significance, or were believed to possess metaphysical properties that were believed to correspond to the object's Ceremonial use. In some instances, relics from the human body were used- for example, Victorian Mourning Lockets containing a lock of hair from the deceased, and Christian Relics - amulets of some form claiming to contain a part of a Saint's body or garments, like a fingernail or piece of cloth Today, there's a rich variety of Ceremonial Objects that exist, from Ancient Artifacts to the Objects of centuries of old, to the Vintage and Antique, to New and Modern objects. The compositional elements vary drastically depending on the object and it's age.

CEREMONIAL PRACTICES The ways of using Ceremonial Objects have varied throughout history from culture to culture, religion to religion, tribe, coven, time era, location, etc. However, there are many parallels between them, found the World over, such as, using these objects in rites of passage, ceremonies of Birth, Marriage, Death and Sacred Days. Almost every group of persons since the Dawn of man has used a form of Ceremonial Object with an Intentional Belief and/or Purpose. For example, Neanderthals using Venus figures as a Vessel for fertility and abundance Christians wearing a cross as a Talisman for Jesus' Protection When it comes to Most in today's Modern world of Occult Ceremonial Objects, most use their Objects privately, Individually, with a friend/partner, as Solitary Witches, or Covens.

There are still many various ceremonial practices, however, the most common ceremonial practices is Meditation MEDITATION For millennia Sacred rituals have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit. Even when you create and participate in a simple ritual and ceremony such as lighting a candle for yourself, you are awakening your Divine Feminine Essence. Any kind of sacred ritual is an intentional statement to your Higher Self, a timeless connection to the Great Feminine Energy, the Fertile Void of the Universe, and the perfect way to not only communicate with, but give Offerings to our Spirit Family and the Universe. The Act of meditation is the truest form of Feminine Energy; the truest form of Divine Feminine Expression there is - to simply Be, to enter the Stillness and Quiet of the Feminine Void; the place of Nothingness from which everything from Thought to Life comes. A commonly used practice to begin Meditation is clearing the mind and focusing on your breathing.

Turn off outside distractions, sit in silence, or you may wish to play some relaxing music, or tranquil sounds, and listen to the sound of your breathing. Listen and feel as you inhale, and then as you exhale. When One meditates, you enter an infinite place of power, you are tapping into the Immortal Feminine Void, the "place" which we go to in meditation.

It is the Fertile, Feminine Womb of the Universe, where the Masculine seeds of Thought and Intention are planted to impregnate the Field with a new Creation. The Fertile, Feminine Void is the immeasurable "nothing", the primordial essence from which everything is born; the nothing from which everything comes. It is pre-form, pre-energy, pre-creation, pre-thought, even pre-being. We don't have words or concepts to describe it.

It contains all possibilities, yet, it is empty. Most important of all, the Feminine Void is where we go and sit in the silence. It's the most powerful place I know of. It's beyond the beyond. In the practical sense, sitting in that silence is more powerful than receiving any amount of verbal guidance. When you get still, you are out of the way, and when you are out of the way, Grace carries you on the stream of life. You don't need to know anything, it just happens. Sitting in the Fertile Void literally helps you solve problems, although you have no idea how they get solved. You are a focus of energy that creates a physical You and the world you inhabit. When you consciously focus, you come into rightful ownership of what lies within you. CEREMONIAL SPACE Our Feminine Energy responds naturally to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention, so it is highly recommended that you create a Sacred space to Meditate, a Special, Ritual place where you can Consecrate Stillness, practice listening to your Inner Voice, and communicate with your Spirit. You can create your Sacred Ritual space at home, with a simple altar of a few items that are beautiful and meaningful to you. There is no "right" way to create this space, or an altar. It is YOUR Space, so create it how you wish to! The Act of Creation of this space is in itself converging the Feminine (the Intention behind it and Beauty of it) with the Masculine (the Physical Creation). The things which you place upon your Altar or in your Sacred Space can also be Offerings for your Spirit (s), for the Offerings are an Intentional Exercise, and Meaningful Spiritual/Physical Manifestations of Divine Feminine Energy You can use Essentials in your space, candles of certain aromas or colors that speak to you, crystals that draw your interest, Elementals or other things of nature such as stones, driftwood, incense, plants, herbs, etc. Literally anything that you want to add, that you feel compelled to add, it is your choice, you have complete freedom to make this space your own personal Sacred spot, a place where you can allow your negative energetic residues to wash away. As you use this space regularly to Meditate, to connect, this space will become infused with Supportive Energy and layers upon layers of Positive Energetic waves. Your Spiritual Bodies and very cells will respond intuitively to the Energies. The empowering effects this will provide for your consciousness, your Spirit, your Physical and Life Force Energy, and Life will be abundant.

It will become your personal Sanctuary, a place of Peace, a place of Love, Light, Healing, and Wisdom ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ THE GREAT AWAKENING ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ If you happened upon this listing, you are like many others who have more than likely had an experience or some mysterious feeling that has made you question yourself and ponder the unknown and unseen things of life. Let me happily inform you that you are not alone!

For thousands of years humans have experienced a crossing between Realms, and have used Ceremonial Objects as Tools on their Spiritual Journey, to find the things they are looking for. Many individuals are now being awakened and are acknowledging that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

In our search and use of these Ceremonial Objects, we are following in the steps of our great ancestors! From the expert, to the mystic, the spiritualist, and even the skeptic, the main thing all these groups have in common is that we are all searching for something. That certain something may not always make itself obvious to us but we know its there. Many of you may know it as a feeling that has been with you most of your life, or a feeling that manifested during childhood, at the age of puberty, or in your adult years.... A feeling of wonder, amazement, curiosity, and desire.

A desire to know the truth, to find out what is possible that modern science deems the opposite. Many spend a lifetime searching for this truth, some find it and some get discouraged, or too busy with daily life stresses, obligations & responsibilities & lose touch with that inner, primal thirst for Truth. It is the Purpose of these precious Ceremonial Objects to help you, the fellow truth seeker, to give nourishment to your curious appetite, to find this cherished prize and Infinitely excel on the path you choose to take. There is a reason for this Spiritual uprising, this mass Awakening the World over.

Our earth is going through a mass vibrational shift into a higher frequency, and is humans are here for the greatest ride we have ever known. It is up to each of us to choose whether to embrace this change, or not.

Our Journey sometimes requires Change, as not everyone nor every aspect of our lives can adapt to our own Growth & Progress. Jobs may change, friends may change, relationships may change; Eventually new jobs, friends and relationships come into our lives that happily Accept, Respect, Value, & Appreciate our greater self. There are those who remain our true Companions, those whom you Inspire & Inspire you.

With our expanded Inner & Outer Awareness we find others to help us as we, in turn, help others. We are at a moment in time where we are witnessing our species progress to the next stage in our cognitive, cerebral evolution! More and more are embracing our own selves and our potential! This is a major pivotal point in our journey as a human species together - and it has been a long time in the making! In the days of the past, those attuned to higher frequencies or with a higher cerebral capacity were often persecuted, hunted and even killed, Many lives were lost, under the guised scapegoat of "Heresy", "Witchcraft", or "Evil".

And it is my belief that had so many lives not been taken, we would be much further along collectively as a species However, today, things are changing, there is a different air and a level of intrigue and acceptance in most societies. We are taking our brain & our human race to the next level! Many are actively searching for their Purpose on this Earth, many are exploring who they are as Spiritual Beings, tuning into & Discovering their own True Selves, and Awakening! Once we have truly Awakened & realize who we are as Spiritual Beings, who we are, what we are, and learn who we have always been, our higher senses are activated and our perceptions of life expand.

We are no longer able to limit ourselves to the physical rules of separation from others and from Self. We will never again experience physical life in the same way because we cannot limit ourselves to the boxes of our life before. There is SO much out there that is Unseen, yet exists!

It is within us, all around us, above and below; so much that the Universe has to offer to each and every one of us, so many Opportunities and unexpected surprises! Our existence is a Gift from the Universe; we are meant to use our Gift, our lives, not for struggle, strife, hate, violence, or destruction. We, as a cosmic miracle, are not meant for enslavement to living lives of stress, worry, anxiety, and fear.

I believe, we are meant to live to truly LIVE, not merely to exist; to live lives of love, happiness, excitement, adventure, we are meant to explore, discover, within and thus of the Universe, the root and True Home to All. It is the purpose of Ceremonial Objects like these, to help us on our Path of our Spiritual Journey, and we will Continue until we Find our Highest Self! ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ABOUT OUR COLLECTION ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ As humans, it is in our very nature to be curious, to explore the Unknown.

Our species would not be here today if these natural characteristics were not embedded into us. Just as our far ancestors explored the Earth, we too can explore the Metaphysical with Ceremonial Objects. I invite you all to Explore the unique, energetic & vast collection We have listed in our store! My family and I have been re-homing Ceremonial Objects for many years now. It is with great honor to offer these very special possessions to you here!

We have been very lucky to have met many, and for You to have only the Very Best experience. I believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Spiritual & Metaphysical experiences. It is an honor and Blessing to be a Metaphysical Curator, to be able to unite fellow Truth Seekers & Collectors with our Active collection.

And so here I now share with you a tangible & Mysterious marriage of Realms! Here you will find an Exotic, Rare, and Vast array of Ceremonial Objects. Many of the items listed Have been personally Crafted by me, Some have been acquired personally for our own collections, some were given to us, some were extracted from Investigations, some have been obtained through! Any negative items we acquire are typically kept locked away in storage to protect both us & the public. Many items I refrain from listing until I feel & sense the time is right, when I feel compelled to make them publicly available.

Fellow Collectors, Covens, Solitary Witches & Warlocks, Magicians and others deeply involved in the Occult world often reach out to us as well, to6 finÌd new Keepers for their personal treasures, and to find homes for ones they have created. Many times it is an elder who does not want the responsibility falling upon their family when they pass, for concern of their family, or for concern that the objects would not be cared for & treated with the respect they deserve, or they are afraid they may end up in the wrong hands, or simply donated or thrown out There are times we are exclusively contacted by an Underground source, to offer very specific items, often at very specific times. With all the time that goes into each listing, going through documentations, recordings, photos, sometimes interviews & additional research, describing the item as accurately & thoroughly as I possibly can, at any given time I usually have but a very small fraction of our Collection listed. We always have more to offer that hasn't yet been listed! There's just never enough hours in a day!

So if there's anything you would like to inquire or talk about, or If you or someone you know is in need of assistance looking for a particular type of object Please, do not be shy or feel awkward messaging me for any special requests, be it regarding this Item, another I have listed, or if there is something very special or specific you are searching for! You may feel drawn or pulled to a particular object, and that very well may be because you are meant to! You may find yourself thinking about an item listed, you may keep revisiting the listing over and over, you may have dreams, daydreams, you may feel a sense of energized magnetism, a feeling of dizziness, lightheadedness, giddiness, euphoria. Follow your intuition & where your instincts are guiding you!

In addition to the Educational Historical and Practical Information included in each individual listing. There is also an Informative, Educational Reference Guide I wrote, for those new and experienced alike.

If you would like this, or you don't have the most up-to-date version (currently Keeper's Guide v1.2), please let me know and I will happily send it to you! Many Blessings to you all! ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ STORE INFORMATION ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ All of the Ceremonial Objects listed are antique, ancient, or vintage & have been previously owned, unless otherwise noted. Antique, Vintage, and Ancient items should be treated with the appropriate care. If you are looking for brand new, flawless items, then my listings may not be the right fit for you. I do my best to accurately describe each item through words & photographs in appearance, condition, Provenance, age, History, and Personal Experiences, from my own observations, opinion, knowledge & experience, and any info that was given to me when I acquired the item, I will always pass their words on in the listing, however, unless stated, these details have not been verified by a professional 3rd party Any defects not mentioned but that are visible in the photos will be considered as described. With antiques they are often time worn & may have age imperfections, which is to be expected. So please, do not hesitate to message me, i will gladly respond & provide additional photos or information if you'd like Ours is a smoke free home. We have 1 black cat with green eyes (Chatzi) and a yellow/green parakeet (Mango).

However, with antique & vintage, and especially ancient items, It is not feasible for me to know the complete allergen history of each and every one of the previous owner's homes I typically do not clean antique items, to preserve the natural patina that only Time & Age can truly create. There may be some patina, oxidation, dirt, odor, etc due to age, storage & material.

Please do not ask to send to a different address, or a different country. If you do not have this established yet, please contact me.

There are NO other exceptions to this policy. 10 I always try to reply to messages as soon as possible. However, there are times where messages are not recieved due to to technical errors, or personal circumstances. If you do not recieve a reply within 24 hours, please copy and paste your message and resend it 2- 3x. If there was a technical issue, one is sure to go through.

24 Details regarding the Physical Attributes, Origin & Age of items are the judgements of the collectors whom I originally acquired the item(s) from and/or my own honest opinion and judgement. This Ceremonial Object does not claim to possess any intangible or Metaphysical Attributes. It is a Ceremonial Device that has been used in Ceremonial Rituals pertaining to that of the Metaphysical "Ceremonial Use" refers to ceremonies, rituals, or other practices performed by the previous owner(s) of the Ceremonial Object; including but not limited to Personal, Individual, Internal practices of the Mind (such as Meditation and Intentional Thoughts), and various Rituals and Practices, often passed down through generations within Families, cultures and Religious/Spiritual Affiliations The information described within "Personal Experiences" is a Personal account of the owner's Ceremonial Use of this Object, their Personal Experiences in using this Object ceremonially, their personal interpretation of personal experiences based upon their individual, rightful Beliefs, and when applicable, my own personal Ceremonial uses, practices, experiences, and interpretations thereof based on my own individual, rightful beliefs. Experiences vary from person to person. One's own Individual Personal Experiences can be influenced by, and are Subjective to One's own Personal Past and/or Current: Spiritual, Religious, Cultural, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic/Cerebral, Chakra/Energetic, Electromagnetic, Geological, Geographical, Astrological, or Cosmic, Blockages, Imbalances, Ceremonial use, Rituals, Practices, Experiences, Interpretations, or Beliefs In purchasing. You agree that you are purchasing this item solely for its physical state as a tangible Cereminial object. Any & all Personal Experiences pertaining to the Ceremonial use of this Object are that of the individual(s) referenced under "Personal Experiences". Always Seek Professional Advice In Matters.

This is wrong on so many levels. It saddens me, yet makes my blood boil, that there are people out there, so different from you and I, and the other genuine, authentic sellers out there; those who would lie, cheat, and steal to make a quick buck, at the expense of those who are in need, sick, or seeking help. It is thieving, greedy people like this, who, through through their deplorable actions, can crush the spirits of those who are trusting in their false knick knacks, which for some, the subsequent emotional distress could push them to a very dark place.

The violation or infringement of these laws is a Criminal and/or Civil Offense, punishable by law. Any form or means of unauthorized use, willful or not, without the expressed, documented permission and consent, and without the clearly expressed credit, attribution, and linking of the Owner, Katie Siepierski, is strictly prohibited. A Violation or Infringement of U. The item "CEREMONIAL ROSE QUARTZ PENDANT AMULET USED TO HONOR QUEEN MOTHER STARLIGHT ANGEL" is in sale since Wednesday, August 8, 2018. This item is in the category "Everything Else\Metaphysical\Psychic, Paranormal\Other Psychic, Paranormal". The seller is "katisiepiersk0" and is located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Ceremonial Rose Quartz Pendant Amulet Used To Honor Queen Mother Starlight Angel